It’s nice to see that Hurricane Gustav really lost power when it made landfall. The media didn’t come right out and say it because they would have lost ratings. However the storm was really weak and didn’t make landfall with any of the strength that Katrina did.

The evacuation process was truly amazing and I’m glad it went well. I’m just hoping that it doens’t work against them the next time around. I have a feeling people will decide they should stay in the future and that is absolutely the wrong thing to do. Things were done correctly this time, hopefully the future will be as well.

Bobby Jindal had his act together more than the last governor, that was quite obvious. I’m a big fan of the Louisiana governor. He has impressed me every time I have seen him on television so far.

More on politics later. I’ve been glued to the television for about 2 weeks watching DNC’s and what not. I’m excited for the GOP Convention and the Independent Convention next week as well.


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