Godspeed =JudgeCal=

I don’t know what made me “google” that name today but I was truly shocked by what I found.

I’m about a month or so late but =JudgeCal= who had a show on Pseudo.com in 1999 and 2000 died on July 25th of this year.  He was 41 years old. This news saddens me greatly.

=JudgeCal= once had a show on Pseudo.com called =JudgeCal=’s HighWeirdness. It’s been so long ago now I can’t remember what night (Thursdays?) the new broadcast was on but I do remember taking breaks from the bar those nights to watch it. I always liked the fact that the topics were off the wall and nothing was off limits. Stile from Stileproject.com was a frequent caller and guest. Laura “Thugz” Foy was =JudgeCal=’s co-host.

One of the last episodes I remember seeing was where he got his lip pierced and Thugz got her nipple done. Later that year in the summer time he was just on the random programming that Pseudo had going on through the day. He and another female host had a show where they talked gaming and other technology. The cool thing about the shows were that they had an #IRC channel that you could log in to and ask questions or make comments about things going on live on air.

Internet television, I truly thought it was going to revolutionize the media industry. In the meantime I believe that it did spawn G4 TV. Gaming is huge business and Pseudo.com had found a niche for giving those people a way to have a voice. =JudgeCal= was a huge gamer and their biggest advocate.

I had a conversation with him once about broadband because I was installing it in various forms all over the country at the time. I helped him to dispell the rumours on air with what could and couldn’t be done with it. It was about a 10 minute conversation live on the show that they were hosting and was pretty cool to de-lurk over the air like that. I remember going back and reading the chat in the IRC room and the crowds reaction to what we had talked about was unreal.

After Pseudo pretty well changed it’s format. (due to the dot com bust is my guess) He was seen at the Republican National Convention and also at the Democrat National Convention still working with people from pseudo as a one man interviewer and production team. The gadgets that he had to use to do this were donated to the Smithsonian Institute. He also served time as one of CNN’s first political bloggers.

There was an archive of all the old High Weirdness shows on his site but I haven’t been able to get to it. I imagine that I probably won’t be able to either. I do know that shows can be found on YouTube which wasn’t around back then but hopefully will be forever so =JudgeCal= can find immortality.




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