Corey Osborn

I just read on the Downtown Memphis Blog that a BB King’s regular musician Corey Osborn died yesterday in a car accident. The story in the Commercial Appeal is pretty vague but does confirm this hard and sad truth.

Commercial Appeal Story

I’ve personally never intentionally gone to see Corey play yet have heard him perform a time or two. He and Kirk Smithhart would play together from time to time at random places. I shot a game of pool with him and  Kirk a while back at about 5am in an after hours bar. He laughed at the things I could name about Kirk because I used to see him play all the time about 11 years ago. He seemed like a pretty cool guy. I know the Memphis Music community will miss him.

Godspeed Corey


Cheap Goods

Anyone living in the Memphis Metro area have some bad news job wise but good news price wise. Circuit City announced that it will be closing a couple of area stores in it’s national down sizing.

The Memphis Daily News reports that it will be closing the store on Winchester Rd and the new one in Collierville. The stores close today and will reopen with liquidation pricing tomorrow.

It might be time for me to get out there and pickup that 360 now.