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I guess William Shatner is buddies with Charlton Heston.


Words to Ponder

I find this to be magical

Rain! by way of Independence Day

I just got back from Biloxi (no pictures this time) on Thursday evening. I had driven through the rain in town but once I got to Frayser it was pretty well over. There was major flooding on the Madison Ave ramp that merges onto N240 which I guess by the new signs is actually I40. I saw lots of cars stopped debating whether they were going to attempt to cruise through the water or off road and find another route.

I would have chosen the other route personally. That water was pretty well coming up the sides of the truck I saw going through it. Not worth the gamble in my book. As I said though once I made it through Frayser that put me in the all clear.

I was sitting at home watching some nightly politics on television when I got a text message from a friend that lives in downtown Memphis. He was saying something about a cloud formation and needing a camera. He happened to know about my new camera and how good of a picture that it can take. I went to the window to see if I could see the same cloud formation since I am 19 miles north of him.

What I saw was eerie at the worst. The color of the sunlight at that moment was making the outdoors look like an overexposed picture. It reminded me of the part in Independence Day where WIll Smith is outside getting the paper and all of the neighbors are out watching the alien spaceship coming out of the sky. The sky I was seeing was very similar to that scene.

I really should have grabbed my camera but the clouds moved on pretty quickly and I would have missed it if I had gone back inside. It was weird. Hopefully anyone in the Memphis area that night got to see it.

Free software anyone?

As opposed to all of my years of piracy while learning Microsoft products; I’ve recently decided that I want to play with some versions of Linux and find the one for me. I’m not really sure what I want it to do but most of the versions of Linux that I heard about while in networking school back in 97′ have pretty much fallen by the wayside.

Slackware was one that a very knowledgeable friend up in Nashville always recommended and used. (he makes a ton of money working for the state treasury from being so knowledgeable of it) I don’t see a lot of hype about it these days but it’s 5 versions later than the old days (which was about 7 years ago). There seems to be quite a few other flavors now that are built from Slackware. That’s the only thing that I ever remember reading about Slackware was that it was one of the most stable distro’s out.

I’ve been sitting at home this evening reading up on different distributions of Linux and other things involving the GNU projects. I would like to get L.A.M.P. up and running so I can learn the OS and the two major apps Apache and MySQL. I’m not so interested in PHP but it evidently makes the other two more robust so I guess I’ll add it into the mix.

GNU project by the way, not loving on the new iPhone. I didn’t realize all the controls that Apple has built into it. Seems kind of ironic to me considering OS X was one of the greatest advances to that company in my eyes. iTunes seems to completely do away with all that progress.

I can’t get away from the fact that I love podcasts though so I’ll keep using it. In that area they have kept things progressing forward so I can forgive Apple for their normal proprietary-nism due to the creation of a new type of creative outlet for people. Everyone wanted their own radio station as a kid so here is a way to get with that. Pirate radio! or maybe not…

Biloxi/Gulfport, MS

I spent a day in Biloxi, Mississippi for work a few weeks back. I shot a couple of pictures at Palace Casino which is where I always stay when I am in town there. It’s gotten a lot better there than things have been in the past but there’s still hurricane damage everywhere you look.

You can see the new Highway 90 bridge which was just recently finished within the last 6 months or so. It was definitely not there the last time I was there. Quite impressive and the skyline coming from that direction is really cool.

Here is my favorite place to stay while I am there and the empty space where it’s casino sat before Katrina.

I have to go back down there next week and I feel like I just left yesterday. I guess I will see if I can get more pictures of the carnage that is Biloxi.